Philosophy/Mission Statement

     "Our philosophy is based on developmentally appropriate teaching techniques.  

     Our center's program enables children to gain a positive image in a warm, loving, and caring environment.  Our center teaches ethics and values.  Its a place where each child feels special and worthwhile, learning to become independent and self reliant, accepting reasonable limits, making choices, and taking responsibility for his/her behavior.

     Through hands on, age appropriate play activities children are encouraged to think creatively, to explore, to expand their horizons, and feel successful.  We strive to establish a group environment by respecting the rights and feelings of others, sharing, taking turns, and expressing feelings which are modeled and nurtured."      ... Marla Baum - Director



´╗┐About Us...

Our staff is fully qualified and accredited with years of experience, skill and talent appropriate to the needs of young children. Our staff participates in continual educational programs.